DRIVE (Diversity, Responsibility, Inclusion, Vision, and Experiential-learning) is a collaboration between the Arc of Yates, Dundee Central School District, and Keuka College. This program is a highly individualized education program for individuals with developmental disabilities to continue their education after high school in a collegiate environment.

The DRIVE program focuses on creating a unique and age-appropriate educational experience that nurtures student's social and academic growth. Students are given access to a myriad of experiential learning opportunities through service learning, work study, mentoring, and internships.

Students are guests in at least one Keuka College class each semester and enjoy privileges similar to those of Keuka College students. Keuka College students serve as peer mentors for DRIVE students, assisting them to become fully integrated into the college community.

While participating in Keuka College classes, DRIVE students are also enrolled in courses taught by educators from the Arc of Yates and Dundee Central School District. Students are offered these additional core curriculum and life skills classes to complement Keuka College courses.

While enrolled in the DRIVE program, students are encouraged to participate in vocational training, volunteerism, and/or extracurricular activities both on-campus and in the community.

DRIVE has been recognized by the New York State Department of Education as an effective practice in transition programming for young adults with intellectual disabilities. The program has also received recognition from former President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative University for DRIVE's commitment to post-secondary education for students with disabilities.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the DRIVE program, please contact us at (315) 536-7447 or 
contact us for more information.  

DRIVE Field Period at Cumming Nature Center 2018

DRIVE Field Period at Cumming Nature Center

During the month of January the DRIVE  students completed their Field Period at Cumming Nature Center.  The students participated in outdoor activities, completed service and maintenance projects at the center, and built items in the woodworking shop.

Recent News

Arctic Gear Created by Arc of Seneca Cayuga

Buy a hat!

Arctic Gear Created by Arc of Seneca Cayuga

Arctic Gear is an idea which sprouted in October of 2017 and in four short months has become a brand name associated with the Arc of Seneca Cayuga. Denise Osborne is the mastermind behind the formation of Arctic Gear and I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her creation.

Where did the idea of Arctic Gear develop from?

 “Arctic Gear started out as a way to get our products out to brick and mortar sites. We worked diligently to try and get traction with sales reps and get our brand out there. In order to streamline the process to get our products into consumers hands I had the idea to go to a consumer facing brand. By reimagining what we know in charitable brands we were able to create what you see happening today!”

How many individuals have you employed as a result and on average how many hats are produced per day?

“We have increased our integrated workforce from 60% to having about 75% of our staff being people we support. About 5000-7000 hats are manufactured per day, which equals 100,000 per month! ”

What does the production look like?

“We work in an open floor plan where each person has a dedicated job such as knitting, sewing, steaming, inventory, etc. We encourage everyone to work together and if you ever need a change everyone is trained to do it all! That is our key to success, looking at the whole person and communication.”

If you could use a sentence or two to describe Arctic Gear and your mission what would you say?

“Arctic Gear is redefining what it means to purchase; we provide opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and empower the consumer to do more with their dollar!”

When you are making a purchase from Arctic Gear you are not just purchasing a hat but creating opportunities. So, buy a hat!


To learn more about Arctic Gear or to purchase a hat follow the link below: 

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