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Why Your Membership Matters

Making a Difference in the Lives of Individuals in our Community

So many of our community members have been a wonderful support to our organization, and that support translates into meaningful opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. Capitalizing on those opportunities often times requires the ability to confidently embrace self-advocacy, a skill that is important in order to be successful throughout all stages of life.


The Agency’s Champions Committee is comprised of individuals who serve as role models, mentors and passionate advocates for the needs of people with disabilities.  As Agency ambassadors, they have achieved success as active and involved members and leaders in our community.  With an understanding of the importance of self-advocacy, they exemplify the success that people with developmental disabilities can achieve. 


Your membership demonstrates a shared interest in the welfare of persons with developmental disabilities, and gives our organization a stronger voice to influence state legislators and national policy-makers on decisions that affect the individuals we support and their families.  It means a better informed public and increased acceptance of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


From the Board of Directors, staff and individuals we support, thank you for championing our mission and changing lives.  Our donors are essential to the innovative programming and services we offer, and are a testament to the generous spirit of the community in which we live. 



Planned Giving

Your deferred gift can provide valuable support for programs that benefit developmentally disabled persons served by the Arc of Yates. In turn, you will receive tax advantages, in addition to the deep appreciation of those who will benefit from your thoughtfulness and your generosity.

As you consider options for your estate plans, your financial future and your valued possessions, you can explore gift options that will benefit you, your family and favored organizations.

Among ways you can make a gift to the Arc of Yates for a specific program, or unrestricted, and maximize your tax advantages:


  A Gift Via a Will or Trust

Commit a percentage of your estate or a specific amount at no cost to you at the time of commitment, which can be revised if necessary. The amount of the eventual gift is tax deductible for estate purposes


  Gifts of Common or Preferred Stock

The donor avoids capital gain tax and takes an income tax deduction; stock must have been held for at least one year. Gift is tax deductible up to 30% of the donor's adjusted gross income.


  A New or Paid-Up Life Insurance Policy

If your family situation allows this gift, The Arc of Yates becomes a designated beneficiary.


  A Retirement Plan

Donor maintains income during lifetime; after donor's death, the residual benefits will pass to the Arc of Yates free of estate and income taxes.


  Personal Property

Items that will benefit programs at the Arc of Yates (to be reviewed for suitability).  Donor can receive gift-in-kind tax benefits.


  Retained Residence

Donate your home, continue to live there during your lifetime and receive a tax deduction for your commitment. You continue to be responsible for maintenance fees, insurance, property taxes and repairs. (The Arc of Yates Board of Directors must approve proposed residential gifts following a review of the condition and marketability of the residence.)

  Real Estate
Non-residential property that will benefit the mission and programs of the Arc of Yates.  Donor avoids capital gains tax and receives and income tax deduction. (The Arc of Yates Board of Directors Must approve proposed real estate gifts.)


For more information regarding these gift options, how your estate gift will benefit The Arc of Yates and to learn more tax savings information please contact: Karissa Hefferon at (315) 536-7447 ext. 391 or at 

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